The Iris Cantor Men’s Health Center, which opened in October of 2004, creates a sense of patient comfort and positive, productive service, while offering plentiful treatment options, many of which were developed by our physicians! The Institute incorporates two specialized practices, both located on the ninth floor of the Starr Pavilion in New York-Presbyterian Hospital. 

Brady Prostate Center - The Brady Prostate Center specializes in the evaluation and treatment of a wide range of prostate problems including evaluation of benign prostatic enlargement, prostatitis and abnormal PSA results. All modern technologies available for evaluation and treatment of patients with prostate problems are available at this facility. This includes a full range of minimally invasive treatments including the prostate vaporization (green light/KTP) laser prostatectomy procedure, full video urodynamics testing, microwave prostate thermotherapies, transurethral needle ablation prostate therapies and other novel treatment approaches to facilitate effective, minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment. There are also various clinical trials enabling patients to explore new ways to evaluate and treat BPH, prostatitis, as well as to diagnose or prevent prostate cancer.

Female Urology Center – The Female Urology Center specializes in assessing and treating urinary problems affecting women, with coordinating care in urologic problems with gynecologic specialists. This center is uniquely staffed by physicians with urology and uro-gynecology training. Female patients can be evaluated for conditions as simple as bladder infections or blood in the urine, to more involved problems with bladder control, or complex conditions involving prolapse (“droppage”) of the pelvic organs. Simple, non-invasive methods as well as the most sophisticated diagnostic equipment are available in a comfortable and patient centered setting. Therapy may involve muscle training, medication, or a simple office procedure – all available at this facility. The physicians on staff have been trained in the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques – and in fact, the SPARC procedure for incontinence was developed by one of our physicians. In addition, the center is an active site of research and there are many other novel treatments and clinical trials that are available for patients to consider and participate in that surround overactive bladder and urinary incontinence.

The Iris Cantor Men’s Health Center features two state-of-the-art video urodynamic rooms, a suite of physician treatment rooms, pelvic floor therapy room, advanced digital endoscopic and imaging equipment, and an area devoted to the many clinical technologies and investigations that allow state-of-the-art voiding dysfunction evaluation, treatment, and research.